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Národní a mezinárodní projekty


"... at the beginning was a Mohawk ...". (Beskydy, květen 2010)

... at the beginning was a Mohawk ...


Mezinárodní outdoorový vzdělávací kurz v České republice

Sorry ... in English only

Actuall at June the 12th (by Blue Jay):

See photo galery of new project photos !!!


Actuall at May the 13th (by Petra):

Dear participants, I am very happy, that you are ready to take a part in our outdoor training course "At the beginning was a Mohawk". I hope, that all week we will stay together will be for you enjoyable and you will take maximum from the project, what you can. Because it is project in real Nature, please read carefully all the instruction in the attachment. If you will have any question, feel free to contact us and ask. Please forward this info to your collegues from whom I dont have the email (Italy - Roberto, Finnland - Lida, SPain - Eduardo, Poland).  For detailed informations and schedule see enclosures below ... Have a nice day and see you in one week! We are looking forward to see you in Ostrava.

D-KLUB team and trainers.

Actuall at March the 15th (by Petra):

Dear partners, I must apologize myself for the delay of information about our project. Today I would like to answer your question and get some information also from you about your participants. I am sending you some participants forms and I would like, if your participants will fill them and send it back as soon as possible (latest by 16.3.2010). After that I will confirm your participant the invitation to our course and they can buy already the tickets. From the application we have these numbers: But if some organisation couldnt send 2 pax, then will be place for another one. Thats why also I need the participants forms very soon to be able to manage the whole group.

Turkey - Youth award association - 2ppl, Spain - Asociacion SER Joven - 2ppl, Austria - CUBIC - 1pers, Austria - 4eva - 1pers, Finland - Vila Elba - 1pers, Italy - C.E.S.I.E - 2ppl, Italy - Associazione culturale "Arci-Strauss" - 1pers, Greece - Informal Group of Epirus - 2ppl, Ireland - Youth work Ireland Galway - 2ppl, Estonia - Continuous Action - 2ppl, Germany - Landesjugendwerk  der AWO Thringen - 2ppl, Portugal - YUPI - 2ppl, Czech R. - 4ppl.

Some of you also asked about the summary of the project. I am sending you the call for pax - which we send to you in the beginning, the schedule (there will be some changes according the structure of the group and participants expectations) and some additional information. Please, feel free to ask any additional questions and forward the information to the participants. Now we start to built together our project:)

Regards from Ostrava,



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