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Národní a mezinárodní projekty


International project GROW 2020 in Armenia

Cool think is over ... thank You young Friends


Banner of the Project

Dear young Friends,

I miss You so much!!! After two months from end of the project I listed pictures and decided to expose it on our websites. See below the text ... Enjoy it once again, enjoy it together forever. If You want to remember armenian countryside tahn clic here to pictures from my trip:


Best Regards, Sojka



Dear all,

before You start your journey to us, see travel details and practical infos in enclosures.

Kind Regards, Petra

13.06. 2013  

Dear Partner organizations,

we would like to invite your participants for the 1st common activity for our training.

Enclosed you will find the  call for participant  with some information about the objectives of our training and few questions which we like to be answered by them.:) As much our group will be consistent with  3E  - expectation, experience and engagement , that much we all can contribute from our event.

In the first call for partners organizations we invited you to nominate 1-2 participants. Please, give them the call for participants, where they can find the online form with few question about ther motivation, experience, etc.  If you have more than 2 people who might be interested in this sort of training, you can send them this link too. If we would have free places, we will choose other pax according the suitable profiles.

Thank you very much for your help in this coordination. The online forms should be filled in by 6th May, that we can already buy the ticket and start the preparation for the event. After our confirmation of the candidate, you will receive more information about Venue and other practical information for booking the tickets.

Thank you very much for your coordination and cooperation. If you will have any additional question, don t hesitate me to contact.

Best regards,




All together ... day of the trust games

By visit of Dilijan Museum



Yan and Maria




Crazy day of Rasmus


Bingo ... Goal of Petra

Left or right?



Shoes of Prada ...










Both Lectors supported each other




He, he, he ... its so funny!!!

Ksjusha ...


Dreaming Katty



... with girlfriend




Georgius Jesus Pavarotti


Oooo Sole mio ... Fabriziooo








David in action











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