D-KLUB Ostrava, sportovní klub zaměřený na outdoorové aktivity

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Národní a mezinárodní projekty

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History and aims of the club

D-KLUB Ostrava was founded in the 2002 as a sports club with program directed to outdoors activities ...

D-KLUB Ostrava, civic association was established in 2002 as a nongovernmental organisation. The main orientation of the organisation is in the frame of outdoor activities – such as staying in the wild nature, hiking, canoeing and world vide expeditions.

From 2005 we started to be active in public life on national level. The Main mission of D-KLUB was except the sport-recreational´s activities as well:

• Organizing the free-time outdoor activities for own members, for childerns, for youth  and for public too.

• Childern and Youth non-formal education in field of wood pedagogy and environment protection.

• Cultural activities in the frame of expeditionary travelling (non-formal extensions with the slide shows, workshops, photo´s exposition, etc.).

From 2007 we are involved on international level in YiA program, action 3.1 (TC, YE) and 4.3 (TC) with the point of outdoor, environment, facilitation. We are active in EVS (European voluntray service) as sending organisation with ambition to be hosting organisation soon.

In the End of 2009 accounted our base more than 80 members. D-KLUB has not political ambitions, das not propagate religious cults and das not take part in ecologocial demonstartions. Our moto is expression of RESPEKT TO THE NATURE


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Naši partneři

We thank our partners, sponsors, our friends and other subjects for the support of our projects and activities for the childern, youth and public ... 

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